HIV Nursing Webinar – Risk Management: Substance Use – Drug And Alcohol Issues

This 1-hour webinar will focus on strategies for optimising adherence to ARV treatment for people living with HIV who use drugs and alcohol, and the effect substance use can have on risk of HIV transmission.

Directed at nurses with experience working in HIV, this webinar focuses on the nurses’ role in caring for people living with HIV who use drugs and alcohol, and people at risk of HIV infection due to substance use.

Developed and presented by nurses, this interactive session will include insights from a person with lived experience of HIV, a presentation, and case study.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify the impact substance use can have on behaviours that increase risk of HIV transmission
  • Implement adherence strategies to manage the effects of substance use on ARV treatment regimens
  • Assess interactions between recreational drugs and ARV drugs
  • Select clinical and social support service options for patients
Target Audience
Nurses across Australia with experience working in HIV and sexual health management

Endorsed by ASHHNA and ACNP Pending endorsement by ACN


Online, Victoria