HIV Virtual Elimination – Topical Session

The National HIV Strategy 2018–22 set the goal of virtually eliminating HIV transmission by 2022, but we are not quite there – yet. With this in mind, and a new strategy on the way, VHHITAL are keen to explore how far we have come with Virtual Elimination in Australia, and how it may be addressed in the forthcoming strategy.

For people newly diagnosed with HIV, the first conversation they have with their primary healthcare provider is often pivotal in predicting future health outcomes, including attached stigma, understanding of their diagnosis and possible health outcomes, and ongoing engagement with treatment. VHHITAL are dedicated to training clinicians in the HIV sector and have developed this session to re-energize the HIV field’s capacity to continue to drive change towards stigma elimination, supportive STI care, and partnerships with peer navigators.

This session will cover the following topics:
  • The meaning of virtual elimination in the new strategy
  • The clinical science re elimination – where are we and what is in the pipeline?
  • Considerations re Injectable PrEP
  • Considerations re on demand PrEP
  • Supporting virtual elimination via primary health care practice
This session will be facilitated by A/Prof Edwina Wright, a HIV Clinician and Researcher, Chair of the HIV Working Group of the Victorian Health Department’s Committee on Blood Borne Viruses and STIs, the Lead for the HIV Prevention Service at The Alfred Hospital, and Chair of the ASHM PrEP Guidelines Group.

Learning Objectives:
  • Discuss what Virtual Elimination means in the HIV sector, taking into account new information
  • Confidently discuss PrEP options in practice with your patients
  • Describe promising treatment advances in the HIV sector.
Pending RACGP accreditation.


Online, Victoria