Navigating Hepatitis B Care Workshop Series

Session 1 – Hepatitis B basics: with a focus on serology and test results Tuesday 24th August 2021, 12pm - 1.30pm

Have you ever felt unsure of what hepatitis B blood results mean? This session is for you! Research demonstrates that many doctors and nurses are unclear on how to interpret complex hepatitis B serology. This session will cover the basics of transmission and treatment, then focus on diagnosis and interpreting test results. Aim - To increase your confidence to interpret hepatitis B blood results and move to the next step in linking your patient to care.

  Session 2 – The whys and wherefores of hepatitis B vaccine Wednesday 6th October 2021, 10.00am - 11.30am

The hepatitis B vaccine is effective in preventing hepatitis B and therefore, preventing the poor outcomes of infection including liver cancer and liver failure. A number of issues mean this vaccine is not used as effectively as it could be. Health workers dealing with sharps and body fluids are at risk of HBV if they are not vaccinated – but many are unclear about their status. New research from the Doherty Institute demonstrates that there is room for improvement in a timely birth dose of hepatitis B vaccine. Aim - To increase your understanding of the hepatitis B vaccine, including care of “non-responders”, the newborn schedule and vaccine hesitancy.

Presented in partnership with the Immunisation Service, Royal Children’s Hospital; Doherty Institute TBC.

  Session 3 – Communicating Hepatitis B effectively and in plain language Wednesday 6th October 2021, 10.00am - 11.30am

Nearly 2/3 of people living with chronic hepatitis B in Australia come from a migrant or refugee background. Many do not understand the health system well and using health services effectively can be challenging. Learn how to explain this complex infection in plain language. Aim - Increase your understanding of hepatitis B basics, practical tips for effective spoken language and working alongside interpreters. Presented in partnership with the Centre for Ethnicity Culture and Health

  Session 4 – How do we work effectively with communities affected by chronic hepatitis B? Thursday 18th November 2021, 12pm- 1.15pm

Nearly 2/3 of people living with chronic hepatitis B in Australia come from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Many are not engaged in health care. This session explores strategies that contribute to culturally sensitive health care. Case studies will highlight practical tips to engage clients living with chronic hepatitis B. Aim - To increase your understanding of strategies to engage immigrant and refugee communities in hepatitis B care Presented in partnership with Centre for Ethnicity, Culture and Health and Co Health.



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