Workforce network meeting | Women and hepatitis B: A guided conversation to think through complexity

The Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society’s BBV Sector Development Program is hosting a Community of Practice to provide an opportunity to think through the complexities of diagnosing and caring for women living with hepatitis B. This meeting brings together practitioners working within intersectional approaches to women’s health, people with lived experience and researchers to think through an ‘ethics of care’ that can guide us towards a more inclusive and equitable practice of healthcare for women living with hepatitis B. It will provide an opportunity for health and community workers to share approaches, stories, reflect on professional practices, explore cultural framings of hepatitis B and disease and systemic constraints to healthcare. This event seeks to establish a shared set of intentions for action. Finally, the event will explore the potential unintended consequences of a focus on women living with hepatitis B. In identifying and naming gendered experiences of hepatitis B, our intention is not to simplify experiences of stigma nor participate in its production, rather, this Community of Practice will attend to the processes which can marginalise people (especially women) living with hepatitis B. Come along and join Dr Regina Quaizon (Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health), Ambi Kaur (refugee health nurse, cohealth), Hepatitis Victoria, the Doherty Institute and others for a reflective and challenging Community of Practice that aims to explore these complexities.


Teaching room 2: La Trobe University, 360 Collins Street Melbourne, Victoria